Gold Bullion and China's Booming Economy


Let's find out a few things about China's economic growth; It was recently reported that China has now been able to raise nearly $ 3 billion in foreign exchange due to the country's savings and productivity and energy.

However, the interest achieved by China is one of the most misunderstood series of values ​​adopted by much of the western world without regard to what it actually means in the world.

The current paradigm created and the foundation rooted in international beliefs is a model of western capitalism; which in its essence represents the most destructive, polluting, dangerous, unequal, racist, anti-life, cruel and destructive systems that have ever been created as the preferred financial system for mining and managing global resources.

This fact is consistent with the current model of capitalism as predicted outcomes; it puts the masses of the planet in the lurch of the few chosen ones who become the owners, controllers and complete beneficiaries of an unnatural, unstable genocide program designed to enslave the masses of the earth through three important structures.

To deprive people of their natural right to natural resources to support themselves within the context of natural resources by imposing fees and permits to do so.

Enforcing these practices to deprive humanity of their natural rights to global resources through systemic acts of violence, arrests, threats, killings, killings and torture; for many years the unprecedented human modus operandi control system

And last but not least, the creation of political, educational, religious, recreational, environmental, agricultural, human health, tourism and lifestyle programs through media of all kinds; actually spreading the endless idea of ​​false beliefs in the system created and imagined by this group of human rulers around the world, the power and ability to fix this global system of madness and destruction in the minds of its subjects as the only system they offer. they are able to exist and function internally compared to any other possibility.

It is this fact that requires us to take a closer look at China and all the emerging economies plagued by the current situation; so why would the nations not change the essence of their life plans from the present system of things to a more equally sustainable system without special people, leaders and the like?

Is it because the current system with all its natural flaws and the full formation of endless insanity may be the only system in which these connected world dictators need to advance their own kind and rule over the earth and all its inhabitants?

China's rise to prominence in the current industrial model includes the following:

1.The bulk produces cheap to low quality products that are designed to not work in line with Chinese production cycles so that the consumer can buy another cheap item to further the repurchase cycle.

2.Bulk produces large quantities of goods using toxic and hazardous waste that would need to be disposed of in addition to a variety of manufactured products thus saving China's disposal costs thus enriching their significant GDP line.

3.Build incredibly cheap labor units to operate repeatedly among these large corporate buildings.

4.Use its political and financial know-how to convince as many countries as possible to allow China's cheap sales into its economy.

5.Discover international technology to buy foreign debt among other agreements aimed at giving china a significant limit

6.Keep its value down to keep growing employment within its borders even though through its global export agreements power could serve as an important tool; exporting Chinese workers and instead of hiring local people abroad; keep the whole mind

Individualism is reduced while collections are traditionally emphasized:

1.With the media and western media boasting of Chinese currency as a strategy to increase the pride of the emerging nation, encourage other countries to seek loans from the new currency reserve leader, and build the nation's infrastructure with the latest funding. technology available in the world; this includes its war, world influence and access to international resources especially in the so-called third world nations

2.The Chinese demand for gold and silver is just one part of the great controversy that forms their regional agenda and the Geo-strategic of preeminence; that is why gold and silver gold and silver play hard within the Chinese strategy of obtaining any strategic resources that are considered essential to the global economy.

3.Controlling the production and availability of strategic resources is highly desired by China; The production of rare earth metals and its availability on the world market is just one example and is a real guide in which China has chosen to pursue a genocidal strategy as a path to power.

4.Another factor to consider is the Chinese education system where China now produces more engineers than any other nation; this strategy should be transparent, and will export Chinese engineers to all nations the technology and labor industry worldwide to close any short-term collapse or shortage of engineers needed worldwide; testing partner.

 Finally, the discovery of China's gold and silver means the same; as there is no indication that China will be any different from western nations who promote current economic and financial ideas that are contrary to nature and therefore anti-life.


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